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Audi S6 2016 Gray AUTOMATIC WAUH2AFC4GN089098

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The Audi S6: A High-Performance Luxury Sports Sedan

The Audi S6 is a luxury sports sedan that offers a winning combination of performance, style, and technology. This car is the perfect choice for drivers who want the luxury of a high-end sedan, but with the performance of a sports car. The S6 is a true driver's car that is sure to turn heads on the road and provide a thrilling driving experience.

Exterior Design

The S6 boasts a sleek and aggressive design that sets it apart from other luxury sedans. The car's bold lines, sporty stance, and aggressive front grille give it a confident and athletic appearance. The LED headlights and taillights are also eye-catching, and provide a modern touch to the car's overall design. The car is available in a range of colors, allowing buyers to choose a color that best suits their personal style.

Interior Features

The interior of the S6 is just as impressive as its exterior. The cabin is spacious and comfortable, with premium materials used throughout. The seats are supportive and adjustable, and the infotainment system is intuitive and user-friendly. The 12.3-inch touch screen display is the center of the car's tech features, and provides access to navigation, entertainment, and climate control systems. The S6 also features a virtual cockpit, which adds a touch of modernity to the car's interior.

The car also boasts a number of advanced safety features, including forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and a surround-view camera system. These features, combined with the car's solid build quality, help to give drivers peace of mind on the road.

Performance and Handling

Under the hood, the S6 is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 turbocharged engine that provides plenty of power for even the most demanding of drivers. The engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, providing added traction and stability on the road. The car handles exceptionally well, with a well-tuned suspension that provides a smooth and comfortable ride. The S6 also features Audi's signature quattro all-wheel drive system, which provides added confidence and control on the road.

In conclusion, the Audi S6 is a high-performance luxury sports sedan that offers a winning combination of performance, style, and technology. With its aggressive design, spacious interior, and advanced safety features, the S6 is a true driver's car that is sure to impress. If you're in the market for a luxury sports sedan with a confident and athletic appearance, the Audi S6 should definitely be on your list of vehicles to consider.

Lot description
As a lot of people know, that there are a couple auto auctions in the North America. In this case, the Iaai vehicle auction put up for sale 2016 Audi S6 with a engine. The auto was up for sale with several damages which you can see in the photos. For nothing to be hidden we published the Vin-number of the car WAUH2AFC4GN089098. Buying a car from the Iaai auto auction site is a very good investment, because you can win an auto for 42% of its price, thereby saving on the acquisition and making a money on it if you wish. This car is a good example of such a case, because after normal repairs you can drive a nice car at a great price.