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Ford F150 2019 White Auto 1FTEW1E45KFB70814

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Last bid: $ 4 466
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  • Auction: Impact Auto Auction Impact Auto Auction
  • Lot Number: 11494523
  • Prebid: 4 466 $
  • Price Repair: 43 193 $
  • Date Sale: 07.06.2022
  • Status: Sold
  • Date Updated: 28.11.2022
  • VIN:


  • Year: 2019
  • Condition: Cannot Start
  • Mileage: 214 518 km
  • Transmission: Auto
  • Body: Auto
  • Color: White
  • Primary Damage: Front
  • Secondary Damage: Left Side
  • Estimated Repair Cost: $ 43 193
  • Sale type: REGULAR
  • Loss Type: Collision
  • Keys Present: Yes
  • Starts: No
  • Drives: No
  • Air Bags: Driver: Deployed; Passenger: Deployed; Other: Deployed - headliners deployed
  • Wheels: Alloy Wheels
  • OverviewCYL: 8 CYL
  • Actual Cash Value: $ 32 365
Engine Information
Configuration: V

Sales statistics

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is a full-size pickup truck that has been a staple of the American automobile industry for over 75 years. It is one of the most popular and well-regarded trucks on the market, known for its toughness, durability, and versatility. Whether you're a contractor, farmer, or simply need a reliable truck for everyday use, the F-150 is a great choice.

Exterior Design

The Ford F-150 has a bold and rugged exterior design that is both stylish and functional. The body of the truck is made from military-grade aluminum, making it lightweight yet incredibly durable. The truck also features a spacious cabin, with plenty of room for passengers and cargo. The F-150 is available in a range of trims, each with its own unique style and features, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and preferences.

Interior Features

The interior of the Ford F-150 is well-designed and packed with features. The front seats are comfortable and supportive, with plenty of room for even the tallest drivers. The rear seats are spacious and comfortable as well, making it a great choice for families or groups of friends. The truck also comes with a large touch screen infotainment system, which provides access to features such as navigation, music, and climate control. Additionally, the F-150 is available with features such as a panoramic sunroof, a rearview camera, and a 360-degree camera system, which make it even more enjoyable to drive and ride in.

Performance and Capability

The Ford F-150 is a powerhouse on the road, offering a range of engines, from a base V6 to a powerful turbocharged V8. All engines are paired with a smooth and responsive transmission, providing plenty of power and torque for hauling and towing. The truck also has a maximum towing capacity of up to 13,200 pounds, making it a great choice for contractors and farmers who need to haul heavy equipment. The F-150 is also available with advanced features such as four-wheel drive and a locking rear differential, which make it even more capable in challenging off-road conditions.


The Ford F-150 is a top-notch pickup truck that offers a lot of power, capability, and versatility. Whether you're looking for a reliable truck for work or play, the F-150 is a great choice. With its tough and durable body, spacious and well-appointed interior, and impressive towing and hauling capabilities, you can't go wrong with the Ford F-150.

Available Vehicle Options

Full Coverage Rubber Floor Mats


Box Side Steps

Spray-In Bedliner

Tailgate Step W/Tailgate Lift Assist

Bed Divider

Bed Ramps

Plastic Drop-In Bedliner

Hard Tonneau Pickup Box Cover

Aluminum Crossbed Toolbox By Weather Guard

Soft Folding Tonneau Pickup Box Cover

Aluminum Crossbed Toolbox By Weather Guard

Front License Plate Bracket

Standard in states where required by law, optional to all others.

Skid Plates (Fleet)


Engine Block Heater

E-Locking 3.31 Axle

Additional Fees

Federal/Non-California Emissions System

Standard equipment on vehicles destined for Federal Emissions State or Cross Border State (AZ, DC, ID, NH, NV, OH, VA, WV) dealers.

California Emissions System Not Required

Dealers ordering a vehicle without a California or 50-State Emissions System and which is being shipped to a California Emissions State dealer are also required to use Code 423 to attest that the vehicle is not being registered in a California Emissions State or that Code 936 is applicable. Note: In Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont, dealers cannot use Code 423 for customers outside of California Emissions States locations (except Public Service/Emergency Vehicles – Code 936).

50-State Emissions System (Fleet)

Optional code for Commercial and Government Fleet only.

Federal Emissions State Dealer Order For California Emissions States Registration

Federal Emissions State dealers ordering a California Emissions System (Code 422) are also required to use Code 93N to attest that the vehicle is to be registered in a California Emissions State. Note: It is a violation of Federal law for a Federal Emissions State dealer to sell a vehicle with a California Emissions System for registration in a Federal Emissions State, unless the vehicle also meets EPA standards (i.e., 50-state emissions). Not available for stock orders.

California Emissions Exemption For Public Service/Emergency Vehicles (Fleet)

This exemption may only apply in certain California Emissions states. Ordering dealer is responsible to contact the proper state authorities for clarification on qualifying exempted vehicles for registration. Only available on vehicles sold for authorized public service or emergency service use. Must also use Code 423 when ordering.

California Emissions System

Required code for California Emissions States registration (CA, CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NJ, NY, OR, PA, RI, VT, WA). Optional code for Cross Border States dealer orders (AZ, DC, ID, NH, NV, OH, VA, WV).

Smokers Pack

Smokers pack with ash/coin cup

Trailer Tow Package

4-pin/7-pin wiring harness; Auxiliary transmission oil cooler (not included on 3.3L V6 PFDI engine); Engine oil cooler (not included on 3.3L V6 PFDI engine); Class IV trailer receiver hitch; Pro Trailer Backup Assist (not included on XL Base); Tailgate LED; Smart Trailer Tow Connector; Upgraded front stabilizer bar

Backup Alarm System (Fleet)

Available Vehicle Colors

Agate Black

Lot description
It has already become popular and everyone knows, there are many used and new vehicle auctions in the United States of America. Not so long ago the Impact auction site put up for sale 2019 Ford F150 with a engine. The car was up for sale with minor damage which can see in the photos. To make everything clear we post the VIN Code number of the car 1FTEW1E45KFB70814. Buying a car from the Impact auction site is a very profitable choice, because you can win a car for 47% of its price, thereby save your money if you want. This car is a nice example of such a case, because after minor repairs you can drive a good car at a reduced price.