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Honda Civic EX 2020 Blue AUTOMATIC 1.5L SHHFK7H64LU420662

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Last bid: $ 6 300
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Engine Information
Compression ratio: 10.6 kg/cm2
Number of cylinders: 4
Displacement: 1498cc
Configuration: Inline
Horsepower: 174
Torque: 162
Valves: 16
Code: 4ITCG1.5
Compressor Type: turbocharger
Highway: 40 mpg
City: 31 mpg

Sales statistics

The Honda Civic EX: A Versatile and Reliable Compact Car

The Honda Civic EX is a compact car that has been a staple of the automotive industry for decades. Known for its reliability, versatility, and affordability, the Civic EX is a popular choice for drivers looking for a practical and dependable vehicle. Whether you're looking for a daily driver or a car for long trips, the Civic EX is sure to impress.

Stylish and Sporty Exterior Design

The Civic EX features a sleek and sporty exterior design, with a bold front grille, angular headlights, and aerodynamic curves. The vehicle is available in a variety of colors, including Rallye Red, Taffeta White, and Cosmic Blue Metallic. The EX also comes with 16-inch alloy wheels, making it stand out on the road and giving it a sporty and sophisticated appearance.

Spacious and Comfortable Interior

The Civic EX's interior is spacious and comfortable, with ample legroom for both front and rear passengers. The front seats are heated, and the driver's seat is power-adjustable with lumbar support. The infotainment system is user-friendly, with a 7-inch touch screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, and a premium audio system. The Civic EX also features an impressive amount of cargo space, making it a great choice for families or those who need to transport large items.

Powerful and Efficient Engine

The Civic EX is powered by a 2.0L four-cylinder engine that delivers 158 horsepower and 138 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and front-wheel drive, providing a smooth and efficient driving experience. The Civic EX delivers an impressive fuel efficiency of up to 40 mpg on the highway, making it an economical choice for daily commuters and long-distance travelers alike.

Impressive Safety and Driver Assistance Features

The Civic EX is equipped with a range of safety and driver assistance features, including a rearview camera, automatic emergency braking, and lane departure warning. Higher-end trims offer additional features such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross traffic alert. With these features, you can enjoy peace of mind when driving the Civic EX.


The Honda Civic EX is a versatile and reliable compact car that offers a winning combination of style, comfort, performance, and safety. Whether you're looking for a daily driver, a car for long trips, or a vehicle for your family, the Civic EX is an excellent choice. So if you're in the market for a compact car, be sure to take a closer look at the Honda Civic EX.

Available Vehicle Options
Available Vehicle Colors

Ivory Cloth

Black Cloth


Aegean Blue Metallic

Crystal Black Pearl

Platinum White Pearl

Rallye Red

Sonic Gray Pearl

Lunar Silver Metallic

Polished Metal Metallic

Lot description
It has already become popular and everyone knows, there are some interesting auto auctions in the United States of America. In this case, the Copart auto auction sold a 2020 Honda Civic EX with a 1.5L engine. The auto was sold with minor damage which can see in the photos. To show everything clear we published the Vin-number of the car SHHFK7H64LU420662. Buying a vehicle from the Copart auction site is a great choice, because you can win a vehicle for 45% of its price, thereby saving on the acquisition and making a money on it if you want. This car is a good example of a similar solution, because after professional repairs you can drive a beautiful car at a excellent price.