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Toyota Mirai 2018 White AUTOMATIC JTDBVRBD3JA004148

JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 1 JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 2 JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 3 JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 4 JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 5 JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 6 JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 7 JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 8 JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 9 JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 10 JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 11 JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 12 JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 13 JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 14 JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 15 JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 16 JTDBVRBD3JA004148 Photo# 17
Winning bid: $ 900
Buy now price: $ 2 850
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  • Auction: IAAI Auction IAAI Auction
  • Lot Number: 38666800
  • Winning bid: 900 $
  • Buy Now Price: 2 850 $
  • Price Repair: 11 604 $
  • Date Sale: 25.07.2024
  • Status: Sold
  • Date Updated: 19.07.2024
  • VIN:


  • Year: 2018
  • Condition: AUTOMATIC
  • Mileage: 98 172 km
  • Transmission: AUTOMATIC
  • Body: SEDAN
  • Color: White
  • Primary Damage: FRONT END
  • Secondary Damage: UNKNOWN
  • Estimated Repair Cost: $ 11 604
  • Drive: Front Wheel Drive
  • Fuel: Automatic
  • Sale type: On Minimum Bid
  • Airbag State: Intact
  • Seller: Progressive Casualty Insurance
  • Loss Type: Collision
  • Actual Odometer: Yes
  • Keys: Yes
  • Actual Cash Value: $ 10 944
Engine Information
Number of cylinders: 0
Code: 0NAH
Compressor Type: NA

Sales statistics

The Toyota Mirai: A Pioneering Fuel Cell Vehicle

The Toyota Mirai is a cutting-edge fuel cell vehicle that represents the future of sustainable transportation. This car is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, which generates electricity to power the electric motor. This not only reduces emissions and helps to protect the environment, but it also provides drivers with a quiet, smooth, and efficient driving experience.

Performance and Range

The Toyota Mirai features a high-performance fuel cell system, which provides plenty of power and range. The electric motor generates 151 horsepower and 247 lb-ft of torque, which provides brisk acceleration and effortless passing power. The car has a range of up to 312 miles on a single tank of hydrogen, which provides ample range for daily driving and longer trips.

In addition to its fuel cell power, the Mirai also features an advanced aerodynamic design, which helps to optimize fuel efficiency and stability. The car has a low center of gravity and a wide stance, which provide excellent handling and stability. And with its electric power, the Mirai provides a smooth and quiet ride, with instant torque and responsive acceleration.

Interior and Technology

The interior of the Toyota Mirai is spacious and stylish, with premium materials and advanced technology. The car features a large touchscreen display, which provides easy access to all of the car's controls and features. The car also features an available premium sound system, which provides crisp and clear audio, and a range of advanced safety features, including automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning.

Additionally, the Toyota Mirai is equipped with a range of advanced technology features that enhance both comfort and convenience. The car features keyless entry and start, as well as a power tilt and slide sunroof, which provides plenty of natural light. The car also features a heated steering wheel and available heated and ventilated front seats, which help to keep you comfortable in any weather.


The Toyota Mirai is a pioneering fuel cell vehicle that represents the future of sustainable transportation. With its advanced fuel cell power, impressive range, and spacious and stylish interior, this car provides an unforgettable driving experience. If you're looking for a vehicle that provides sustainability, efficiency, and comfort, be sure to check out the Toyota Mirai.

Available Vehicle Options

Special Paint

Additional Fees

50 State Emissions

Available Vehicle Colors

Warm White Softex

Deep Ocean Blue Softex


Atmospheric Blue Metallic

Nautical Blue Metallic

Salsa Red Pearl

Crystal White

Elemental Silver

Celestial Black

Lot description
As you know, there are many famous auto auctions in the United States of America. Not so long ago the Iaai vehicle auction sold a 2018 Toyota Mirai with a engine. The car was up for sale with damage which you can see in the photos. To make everything clear we post the VIN Code number of the car JTDBVRBD3JA004148. Selection a car from the Iaai auto auction site is a very profitable investment, because you can win a vehicle for 45% of its price, thereby save your money if you want. This car is a nice example of such a case, because after professional repairs you can drive a beautiful car at a excellent price. If you want to buy a good vehicle from the USA, then most likely you can think about to make an analysis of the best options and check for what price they are sold and in what condition. You can check it at this website because there few companies who give full information so clear and transparent without hide payments. You can use the search for a car by VIN number on the site, as well as select a specific make and model to accurately search for the car you need. Today I want to teach you how to research the nice car from a US auto auction. For start, it’s better to examine vehicle photos very correctly and assess the damage to the car. Read the lot notes, type of damage, car miles and compare them with the vehicle images. Pay attention to the paintwork, the condition of the roof, marks from the Copart staff and the general condition of the vehicle. If it has a lot of damage then we suggest that you contact the professional so that they evaluate the problems and inform you the real estimated cost of car repair. We propose that you choose vehicles with not a lot of damage resulting from minor accidents or weather conditions, as in this case your auto will be amazing.